Keeping Everyone Organized - Meet Danielle, United Studies new Program Compliance Manager

15 July 2020

Danielle's journey with United Studies started as a host mom, but her passion for student exchange led her to working full time with United Studies.  

Meet The Pankewich Family - United Studies Host Family Spotlight

13 July 2020

For host mom Stephanie, it's watching her children bond with their exchange siblings in simple ways that makes hosting exchange students so rewarding.

United Studies Host Dad Reflects on Hosting Exchange Students

07 July 2020

Sometimes life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.  It’s often the things we take a chance on that change our lives the most. Host Dad Peter never anticipated hosting an exchange student, let alone eight over the years, but saying "yes" to hosting that first exchange student made an impact on him more than he could have imagined. 

United Studies Host Family Spotlight - Alesia from North Carolina

16 June 2020

WHY?  People often ask me that ..... why would I welcome a stranger into my home ....why would I want to be responsible for another “small human”.....and the answer is pretty simple ...the rewards far outweigh the risks ......I watch them grow and mature.....I learn about other cultures and teach them about mine .....I have “family” in other countries heart is full!

United Studies Host Family Spotlight - the Schupps

17 May 2020

Today we are shining the spotlight on the Schuup's!  These two have opened their home to almost two dozen exchange students over the years and are sharing with us their experiences hosting - sometimes two! - exchange students.

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