United Studies Student of the Week Spotlight - Marina from Spain

18 April 2020

 Meet Marina, our United Studies Student of the Month for April!

Tell us about your exchange year in Missouri.

My life as an exchange student in Missouri is wonderful, I love my life here, the school, my friends, my host family... 

How does life in Missouri compare to Spain? 

I live in a small town called Meadville, that’s one of the big differences between my country, Spain, and the US, here the population is only 460 habitants and I like that, all the people is near each other and you can talk with everyone. 

Why did you decide to go on an exchange year?

I decided to be a foreign exchange student because I always wanted to have the American experience and the opportunity to improve my English.

What sports/activities did you get involved in at school? 

In my school we don’t have many options to choose in the sports.  When I came here they already started baseball and softball, so I didn’t do it.  In the winter sports it was just basketball or cheerleading, my idea was basketball until I talked with some friends.  I ended doing cheerleading and for me is the best! I really loved it and enjoyed it a lot, I’m proud of my decision. I also did a couple practice of track, until they cancelled the school, that was my idea but I couldn’t do it for the situation.

What surprised you most about life in the US?

There’s some things that surprised me, like the schools, places to go, the different plans to do, food...

What are/were your favorite memories so far?

All the games with friends is my favorite memories for sure, the bus rides too.

How did COVID-19 impact your exchange year?

The COVID-19 impact my year because I can’t go to school and see some friends and my host family and I can’t go to all the places we had planned to go, like Florida or Colorado, also to LA with United Studies.

What advice would you give future exchange students?

For the future exchange students I will tell them to enjoy every moment with their family, in the school, every game or practice, with friends... time flies and this year will be one the best in our lives.

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